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Papers Produced - Date Order




June 2007 Big Picture TV Presentations on key aspects of Climate Dynamics Big Picture TV
June 2007 Climate Stabilisation Global Dynamics
June 2007 Address to the Club of Rome (October 2005) Global Dynamics
Mar 2007 The Climate Escalator You Tube Mini Presentation
Mar 2007 Critique of the IPCC Report You Tube Mini Presentation
Mar. 2007 Political Corruption of the IPCC Report? Global Dynamics
Mar. 2007 Feedback Dynamics and the Acceleration of Climate Change Global Dynamics
Feb 2007 Climate Sensitivity: A Whole-Earth Approach Global Dynamics
Dec. 2006 Respnse to Dr. Malte Meinshausen Global Dynamics
Nov 2006 Apoll0-Gaia Project Global Dynamics
July 2006 Beyond the Tipping Point: Towards the Anthropocence Extinction Event Global Dynamics
January 2006 Of Clarity and Climate Change (A Review of the "Revenge of Gaia" by James Lovelock) Global Dynamics
November 2005 The Feedback Crisis in Climate Change, with linked PowerPoint Presentation Global Dynamics
June 2005 Global Warning Global Dynamics
Sept. 2003 The Roots of the Common Unconscious: Towards a New Paradigm of Psycho-Social Analysis Psycho-Social Analysis
July 2003 Global Transformation? Systems Dynamics
Mar. 2003 Terror, War and the Death Instinct Psycho-Social Analysis
2002 Psychodynamics of War and Religion Psycho-Social Analysis
1997 Change, Complexity and Organisational Learning System Dynamics
1997 The Consulting Organisation as an Advanced Learning SystemSystem Dynamics
1997 Tavistock Review Group Psychology
Jan. 1997A Response to Danah ZoharPhysics and Technology
Sept. 1995 Pre and Perinatal Psychology, Psychoanalysis and the Dynamics of Social Systems Psycho-Social Analysis
1994 Mary Individual Psychology
May 1994 Rumination: Some Post Conference Reflections System Dynamics
1993 Healing the Heart of Learning System Dynamics
1993 Learning Systems and the Management of Change System Dynamics
Mar. 1993 Meridian Dialogue 1993:1 System Dynamics
1992 The Pre and Perinatal Grounds of Capitalism and the Free Market Economy Psycho-Social Analysis
Sept. 1992 Religious Experience and Early Imprinting Psycho-Social Analysis
Sept. 1992 Meridian Matrix: Experiential Learning for Tomorrow's World Group Psychology
Oct. 1991In The Shadow of AccreditationIndividual Psychology
> June 1990 Issues and Dynamics in Human Resource Management System Dynamics
June 1990 The Institutional Dynamics of the International Society for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine (ISPPM)System Dynamics
March 1990 Systems Analysis and the Roots of Poverty Global Dynamics
March 1990 Splitting and Regression in Human Psychology System Dynamics
Jan. 1990 The Dynamics of Counselling and Peace Global Dynamics
June 1989 Bridging the Gap: Connecting Individual Psychology and the Behaviour of Social Systems Religious Issues
Feb. 1989 Of Regression and Idealisation Individual Psychology
Jan. 1989 Constraints Encountered in the Conduct of Psycho-Social Analysis Psycho-Social Analysis
July 1987 Studies in Global Dynamics No.7:
Bruntland and Beyond ... Towards a Global Process
Global Dynamics
May 1987 South Africa Collection No.1:
Reflections on the South African Situation
Global Dynamics
Mar. 1987 South Africa Collection No.2:
Kairos in Question
Global Dynamics
March 1987 South Africa Collection No.3:
Response to "Black and Gold" by Anthony Sampson
Global Dynamics
March 1987 South Africa Collection No.4:
Response to "Black and Reformed" by Allan Boesak
Global Dynamics
March 1987 South Africa Collection No.5:
Response to "Poor Man, Rich Man" by Peter Lee
Global Dynamics
March 1987 South Africa Collection No.6:
Response to "South Africa Without Apartheid" by Heribert Adam and Kogila Moodley
Global Dynamics
June 1986 'Cell-Net' System Dynamics
Nov. 1985 TOES (1986) Conference: Some Basic Notes Global Dynamics
Oct. 1985 A Response to David Bohm Physics and Technology
Oct. 1985 OPUS Conference, September 1985 Systems Dynamics
July 1985 Transpersonal Mythology? Individual Psychology
July 1985 Foundations of Psycho-Social Analysis: Part II Psycho-Social Analysis
Feb. 1985 Perinatal Process in Group Dynamic Group Psychology
Feb. 1985 Primal Perspective Individual Psychology
1984 Of Priesthood and Primal Regression Religious Issues
1984 The Matrix of Defence Psycho-Social Analysis
Oct. 1984 Demythologising and Archetype Individual Psychology
June 1984 Of Entropy, Dialectics and Integration Physics and Technology
June 1984 Projection and Regression in Urban Theology Religious Issues
Apr. 1984 Syncretistic Therapy Individual Psychology
Mar. 1984Consultation ProcessSystems Dynamics
Feb. 1984 Glastonbury Symbolism Religious Issues
Jan. 1984 Of Priesthood and Primal Regression Religious Issues
Jan. 1984 Another Side of 1984 Religious Issues
Nov. 1983 Life of the World Religious Issues
Nov. 1983 Echoes of Vancouver Religious Issues
Oct. 1983 Archbishop's Commission on Urban Priority Areas: A Working Note Religious Issues
June 1983 Of Thoughts and Dreams Individual Psychology
Feb. 1983 Foundations of Psycho-Social Analysis, Part I: DiagnosisPsycho-Social Analysis
1982 Innate Defences Individual Psychology
Sept. 1982 Studies in Global Dynamics, No.6:
The Dynamics of Disarmament
Global Dynamics
May 1982 Studies in Global Dynamics, No.5:
Social Analysis and the Falklands Affair
Global Dynamics
May 1982 The Matrix of Christianity Religious Issues
Apr. 1982 The Jewish Repression Religious Issues
Feb. 1982 The Myth of God Religious Issues
Jan. 1982 Beyond a Radical Theology Religious Issues
Rev. 1987
Response to Change System Dynamics
July 1981 The Matrix of Religion Religious Issues
June 1981 Studies in Global Dynamics, No.2:
North/South Reflections
Global Dynamics
Dec. 1980 Studies in Global Dynamics No.4:
Dynamics of Development and Communication
Global Dynamics
July 1980 Studies in Global Dynamics, No.3:
Beneath the Third Wave
Global Dynamics
June 1980 Studies in Global Dynamics, No.1:
European Symbolism
Global Dynamics
June 1980 Functional Religion as a Social Defence Mechanism Religious Issues
May 1980 The Process of Evangelism Religious Issues
Mar. 1980 Intelligent Chips Physics and Technology
Mar. 1980 Boundaries of the Known Physics and Technology
Easter Day 1980 A Meditation on Power Religious Issues
Mar. 1980 Anxiety Defences: The Origin, Functioning and Evolution, Part II Individual Psychology
Feb. 1980 Anxiety Defences: Their Origin, Functioning and Evolution, Part I Individual Psychology
Aug. 1979 Birth Trauma? Individual Psychology
Aug. 1979 Perinatal Matrices Individual Psychology
May 1979 The Holding Environment Individual Psychology
Mar. 1979 Towards a Unified Field Theory of Human Behaviour Group Psychology
Mar. 1979 The Boundaries of Group Dynamics Group Psychology